So proud of this guy for winning the skills competition in his group at @CoerverCoaching camp – most moves in 1 minute!

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Ethan & Andrew making their way down the snowy sidewalk toward our bus stop.

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My gift of grace on walk to school day.

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QNashvilleIn 2008 I attended my first Q gathering in New York City, and since then I’ve been hooked. I’ve attended five of the eight gatherings, and it continues to be the premiere learning and networking event of my year. I even partnered with some friends back in 2012 to put on a local Q event here in Denver. Q has become more than an event I attend; it’s a movement and tribe of which I’m a part.

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Sun setting on our 4th game of the day – 2 soccer, 2 baseball. I love spring!

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This week Donald Miller made waves within the bubble of the Christian blogosphere with a post about why he doesn’t attend a local church. Controversy erupted in the comments section (proving the truth of this statement by my friend Phil Owen), and Miller responded a couple days later with a follow-up post that offered little new insight but emphatically doubled down on his decision. Continue Reading…

Ethan hard at work, shoveling snow for our neighbors.


I swear, if Lego ever goes public I’m definitely buying stock.

Great afternoon of ice skating with our friends the Gilmores downtown in Skyline Park