Sun setting on our 4th game of the day – 2 soccer, 2 baseball. I love spring!

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This week Donald Miller made waves within the bubble of the Christian blogosphere with a post about why he doesn’t attend a local church. Controversy erupted in the comments section (proving the truth of this statement by my friend Phil Owen), and Miller responded a couple days later with a follow-up post that offered little new insight but emphatically doubled down on his decision. Continue Reading…

Ethan hard at work, shoveling snow for our neighbors.


I swear, if Lego ever goes public I’m definitely buying stock.

Great afternoon of ice skating with our friends the Gilmores downtown in Skyline Park

5th straight year for this family Christmas tradition – delivering cookies to all the neighbors on our block.

Ethan & Andrew shooting some hoops to raise money for their friend Cade who has cancer.

Love this new twist to our dinner routine – reading our @newdenverchurch family #Advent guide before we eat!

Turkey Day at Steele Elementary!

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